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London Sundial, 1625

This extremely rare early London, James I and Charles I, period brass sundial, complete with its original, thin brass knife-edge fringed gnomon is signed E.C' and dated 1625. It is an exciting find and was made during what would turn out to be one of the most historically important years in the history of the English monarchy.

Portrait of King James I (1566-1625)..jpg

Portrait of King James I. He died on March 27th, 1625 and was then succeeded to the throne by his second son, Charles I National museum, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

The dial was made in the same year as when the King of England, Scotland and Ireland, James VI and I, died on the 27th of March 1625 and was then succeeded to the throne on the same day by his second son, Charles I, who also married Henrietta Maria, daughter of the King of France on the 1st of May 1625 by proxy at Notre Dame and in person at Canterbury the following month. This succession would eventually have devastating consequences throughout the entire land as an unpopular King Charles would go on to steer England into a brutal and bloody civil war which ultimately lead to his own death when he was executed outside the banqueting hall in Whitehall on the 30th January 1649. 

This fascinating early London sundial is an historically important survivor and has been attributed to the London mathematical instrument maker.......

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Early 17th century brass Sundial

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