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   have been collecting Early Clocks from the North of  England for over twenty five years and now find that my interest and passion for them mainly lies in Cumbria, the North West of England and in particular the  market  town of Wigton. It was here where clockmaker John Sanderson was born in 1671.  In 1690 he married a local girl from an important Quaker family (historically important for Wigton) and was working as a clockmaker near the Quaker settlement of Tiffenthwaite from around 1691. Many of his early clock dials have very interesting religious verses deeply engraved on them. And in my opinion,  John Sanderson may well have been making many of his early religious versed clocks for the Quakers and non conformists in the area during the 1690s and early 1700s.









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   ohn Sanderson was the founding member of what has become known as ' The Wigton School of Clockmakers ' and I am always excited when I hear of any new and previously undiscovered examples coming to light by this fascinating group.

Because of my strong passion for these early Wigton clocks  I have built this website to show a small, buit very interesting collection of religious versed clocks that in my opinion were all either made by members or probably have some connection to the ' The Wigton School ' and my hope is that not only will other - like minded collectors also find them interesting, but it may also help bring other examples to light.


Please Contact Me if you have any early 'Wigton School ' clocks for sale that you think I would be interested in purchasing.


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Lee Borrett

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18th century Quaker Meeting

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