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Walter Archer 

of Stow

Shown here is an interesting, unrestored early single-handed hook-and-spike by Walter Archer of Stow, c1700. The clock is housed in a painted pine longcase and hangs from the backboard of its case via an iron hook. 

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Above. Showing the Walter Archer dial with his typical style of ring-and-dot half-hour markers, engraved dial centre with interesting foliate design and single iron hand. The chapter ring is signed Archer, Stow. Photographed by Lee Borrett

Below. Showing the Archer birdcage movement with hoop and spurs hanging from the backboard of its case via an iron hook. Photographed by Lee Borrett

W.A MOVE.jpg

Walter Archer was born in 1674 at Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, the son of a blacksmith. By about 1695 he had moved to Stow-on-the -Wold, being first documented there in a list of inhabitants of 1699 with his brother, Charles (born1676), who followed the same trade. 

Walter Archer died in about 1744-45.


My thanks go out to Brian Loomes for allowing me to use any previously published material of his own work on Walter Archer which I have used here. 

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