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Redge Buckell

Skelton Fecit, c1698

A very interesting clock dial (only) signed Redge Buckele Skelton fecit. The dial has a half-quarter band and a memento mori motto in the middle of the dial and candle half-hour markings. Discovered by Dr William Linnard, the dial has clear links to the Wigton 'School' of Clockmaking including the deeply engraved religious verse to the dial centre and the way the dial was fixed to its movement.

R.B Dial Cen. D.jpg

Above. Showing  a close-up of the Redge Buckele dial centre with the engraved religious verse that reads ' Remember man That Die thou must, And after that to Judgment Just'. Photographed by Lee Borrett

R.B Date Calandar.jpg

Above. Showing  a close-up of Redge Buckele's interesting square date calendar. Photographed by Lee Borrett Photographed by Lee Borrett

Below. Signed Redge Buckele, Skelton Fecit. Photographed by Lee Borrett

R.B Sig.jpg


Not much is known about Redge Buckele. My own opinion is that he made this clock between around c1695 - c1705, and Redge is probably the maker’s own abbreviation of his baptismal name, presumably Raignold or Reginald.


Although, only the dial survives, I am hoping that showing it here, will help bring to light a complete clock by this interesting maker! 

Brian Loomes has an entry in his book Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World (NAG, 2006, p.116) is as follows:

BUCKELE, Redge. Skelton (near Penrith, Cumberland) early 18c. Maybe name of owner on a clock of the type made by John Sanderson of Wigton.

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