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About Me

As a passionate collector of early 30-hour clocks and a keen historian, I am always interested in any story linked with an antique clock's past as this can often bring to light additional information about its maker and previous owners. I therefore designed this website to write short articles (where possible) about each clock and reveal the clock's historic background in the hope that it brings to life some of the fascinating historical events that has happened during the clocks lifetime and in my opinion making the subject of early clocks even more interesting!

I do not regard myself to be an expert or authority on the subject of early 30-hour clocks, but do feel qualified to comment on them having not only seen and handled many examples over the last 30 years through my own private collection, but also having had the experience and privilege of handling and taking many high quality Record Shot Photographs for other horologists and private collectors, whose collections include important 30-hour examples by such makers as  Bowyer, Fromanteel, Tompion and Knibb etc, and I feel that this is invaluable experience to have gained.

Please note this website is for educational, entertainment and enjoyment purposes only. It is very much work in progress and helps to feed my passion for these early clocks and sundials.

I hope that you will find my website interesting and enjoy listening to the Gregorian monk background music.

Thanks for visiting

Lee Borrett

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