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Christ's Hospital

Dining Hall



Wonderfully historical

and exceptionally

original early Arts 

and Crafts wall clock.

Made of massive and

heavy proportions, the

clock is of the highest

quality and has a 

and most interesting



Christ's Hospital

Dining Hall Clock


Victorian photo, 1879 A Light.jpg

The Hertford Christ's Hospital dining hall in 1879

The Clock

The very rare Christ's Hospital dining hall clock shown here has survived in a fabulous original condition throughout and is an historically important clock for the prestigious and World-Famous School. Having been made solely for the purpose of serving the Hertford Christ's Hospital school and its pupils from 1879 – the giant mid-Victorian clock has a wonderfully illustrated provenance, it's history which connects its maker to Big Ben and its benefactor to P &O Ferries, Sir Barnes Wallis, and the Bouncing Bomb of World War II - is a most fascinating story - which is revealed below!

Coming Soon!

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